Greetings! I’m Tim Johnson, and I’ve spent 13 incredible years perfecting the art of Window Tinting. What began as a passion has evolved into a journey of mastery, leading me to unveil my skills under my own banner.

Crafting Elegance: With an unwavering dedication to detail, I transform windows into symphonies of style, privacy, and UV protection. Beyond tinting, my prowess extends to Vinyl Wrapping and Paint Protection Film, elevating vehicles to breathtaking works of art.

The Road Ahead: As I mark this milestone, I’m not just reflecting on the past, but also embracing the future with the promise of exceptional customer service and top-tier craftsmanship. Here’s to the next chapter of innovation and transformation, one vehicle at a time.

Join me on this journey of tinting, wrapping, and protecting – where expertise meets experience and every vehicle tells a unique story.

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